Byram Lake is a 132 acre lake located in sections 29 and 30 of Fenton Township, Genesee County, Michigan. The lake borders on the south side of the City of Linden. There is also a County Park maintained on the east end of the lake. There is an average depth of 15.3 feet and a maximum of 50 feet.

The Byram Lake Association (BLA) was formed for the purpose of preserving the water quality of Byram Lake. Today it continues this effort of stewardship, striving to maintain the integrity of our natural resource in the community.

Started in 1970, residents of Byram Lake were concerned that the water quality was deteriorating. In an effort to prevent or at least prolong the inevitable, a group of riparian property owners formed the "Byram Lake Property Owners Association". The main issue of the day was infestation of aquatic plants. How were they going to control this nuisance?

At first it was thought that harvesting would be the answer. A lot has changed since those early days! The aquatic plants have been identified with names like: Eurasian Milfoil; Curly Leaf; Wild Celery and others. Even a new arrival that grows along the shore called Purple Loosestrife is now invading.

Treatments have been used to control certain plants and algae while it is still necessary to mechanically harvest Curly Leaf and others. With the help of Progressive Architect & Engineering our Lake Maintenance Program has shown we need an arsenal of different tactics to keep aquatic plants under control.

As when first formed the BLA continues to be a volunteer organization. Projects are overseen by riparians who are concerned about their community and neighborhood. It is not a governmental body, however at times we find ourselves working directly with our local governments. The BLA is concerned with the quality of life on Byram Lake. It is not a policing agency. We encourage ALL Riparians of Byram Lake to become active members of the association.